A Madness to my Method

Synopsis: In a method acting performance that gives Daniel Day Lewis and Robert De Niro a run for their money, Jemma is sent into a paranoid spiral with the only hope of salvation coming from a salt shaker full of cocaine and her 8-pound dog, Gummy.

Logline: A method actor gets so into her role she completely forgets her real life.

Status: Currently being submitted to festivals.

Nominated: Best Canadian Short at the 2020 Silver Wave Film Festival

Tech Specs: 5:45 minutes / Comedy / Color / English



Jemma played by Tatyana Mitchell

Ginny played by Jessalyn Ferguson

Dave played by Jonathan Shaboo

Gummy the dog played by Ziggy

Audience Members: Raquel Simoes, Krystle Meixner, Cole Reid, Edward Hutchinson, Haleigh Carter, Maddy Burgess, & Johan DeNora


Written, Directed, Edited, & Produced: Aris Tyros

Director of Photography: Owen Deveney

Production Designer: Helena Amorim Silva

Original Score: Travis Ferguson

"Beautality" written, recorded, and realized by Louie Short

Sound Editor: Taylor Brockelsby

1st AD: Sean Colby

1st AC: Alicia Baggieri

Gaffer: Stefan Kuchar

Sound Recordist: Thom Varey

Grip: Sean Shikatani

Hair & Makeup: Andayah Laramee

PA: Ian Geldart

DMT: Hugo Dabas

BTS: Andreia Luis

Poster Design: Raquel Simoes

Behind the scenes